Meet Me At The Beach

by Chedda Cheese

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[Hook] Oh! Ay!
Take me to the place by the water, that’s where I’ll stay.
‘Cause if I had my way I’d be rockin’ swim trunks every day.
Got goggles on every time I stop by.
Sunburnt people with hats that match the sandals on their feet.
Come on and meet me at the beach [/Hook]

[Verse 1]

When it’s warm outside,
And that sunshine’s shining bright.
I just pack up my things,
Speedo, Doritos, and something to drink.
Towel in my bag, I’ll be living it up like a king.
But I’ll be doing more than just relaxing, ready for some action,
Guess you haven’t heard I’m the boogie board champion.
Ride waves like the silver surfer,
But it don’t stop there, my skills go further,
I’m the sandcastle master, no joke.
3 feet tall and it’s even got a moat!
Don’t even need to gloat, man these people got a boat?
Not me, just water-wings keeping me afloat.


[Verse 2]

The most wonderful place in the world,
Lounging, surrounded by… mostly dudes but one time there was a girl or two and that was pretty cool.
Treat that ocean like my private swimming pool.
Tanning lotion, life preserver, water-noodle, who you trying to ridicule?
Got ‘em jealous ‘cause I’ve got seashells on my neck, snorkel on my face,
Packing that Sunny D, got it by the case.
Got it just in case I might need to cool off,
Brought the boom-box and it’s playing Mmm-Bop.
Ice-cream delivery on sight,
Hit it up and celebrate this victory tonight,
If you’re feeling like it might just be the greatest summer that has ever existed on planet Earth within the history of life, say…



But when the sun goes down, I’m leaving this town.
Wish I could stay here forever, the weather’s better than ever.
But it’s alright ‘cause when tomorrow comes around I’ll be right back at it like…



released August 7, 2014




Chedda Cheese Calgary, Alberta

Chedda Cheese is a young, upcoming rapper/singer/songwriter from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is known in particular for his humorous style and cheesy songs, but also displays a large range of styles mainly within the hip-hop & pop music genres.

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